Let’s Live Colourfully

Bandbox Lifestyle For over  two years Bandbox has been inspiring people to “Live Colourfully” but what does that really mean?

Live Colourfully was born from the idea that every colour offers a unique emotional experience. It is a lifestyle of choosing positive emotions, optimism, passion, appreciation and love. Embracing your quirkiness as part of your unique charm and experiencing the freedom that comes with the unconventional.

Kim Charlery I am  Kim Charlery, founder and creative director of the lifestyle brand Bandbox and I love mixing things up. As a creative person with a desire to be bold and express your individuality, I am extremely passionate about providing avenues for you to continue to do that in every aspect of your life. 

Take our signature Moodcord accessories for example, the Moodcord began as a fabric statement necklace, but was designed to have the versatility to be worn in different ways to allow you the freedom to wear it in any way you can imagine. To date what some people see as a necklace that will elevate an otherwise simple look, others have worn on their hips, over the shoulder; even as a hair accessory.

Let’s face it, the basis of everything we desire is to connect with our bliss; to be happy. Our experience with and expression of colour can connect us with that feeling. Think of the difference between wearing a bright red vs a grey shirt, of how you feel when you see a guy wearing denim pants in unconventional colours vs different shades of blue or black. What about black lipstick instead of sheer lipgloss, or purple nail polish instead of neutral French tips. Whether you realise it or not your perceptions have been affected by colour all of your life. Living Colourfully is about using your imagination, and expressing yourself in a creative way. 

Whether you express it through your personal style, the way you organize your home, sewing, cooking, drawing, painting etc; spending time doing something beautiful, and making yourself happy matters. The essence of creativity comes from the soul and when you feed that urge you feel happy, proud that you made it, proud that you chose to challenge your fears and express yourself in a different way.

At Bandbox our goal is to use this blueprint to create products and services that help you unleash your personal power through creative self expression to awaken your bliss. 

Bandbox Lifestyle

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