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Resident Serial Creator, Intuitive Teacher & Art Supply Hoarder

Welcome to our Studio where we explore Creativity from Art to Energetics!

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"Live Colourfully!"

Because life is about more than just one thing, it is important to maintain a healthy balance 

Let's Create Our Way to Better Living!


Are you feeling spread thin, like you "simply don't have the time" because your to do list has taken over your life?


Are you paralysed by fear of the unknown; feeling like you're constantly waiting for another shoe to drop?


Do you find yourself exhausted while overgiving, overworking and struggling to set healthy boundaries?


Are you the "responsible one" who is struggling to prove yourself no matter how many wins you have under your belt?

Here's What People are Saying:

Susan Says:

Kim has been mentoring me from the inspection of my business back in 2017. During the period we became super close where she then transition into my personal mentor! 
Kim is very passionate about her craft by Showing me the in and outs of daily life, how to deal with my anxiety and finding new ways to Challenge myself.

She will forever be held dear to my heart as she is someone that I will turn too always for any advice necessary

Maria Says:

Sometimes you've heard something explained to you a million times and you'd never get it ... it doesn't resonate ... and then for some reason someone comes along with just a few words and it finally makes sense! Speaking with you Kim for these few moments really made an impact ... sitting & listening to how you broke down stuff I'd been trying to figure out about myself, the way I think & the things that I do in a way that I could truly understand was mind blowing.  From since that day I have been more careful with my thoughts and actions and truly do believe that 'God says yes!' wink😉 Speaking with you in moments when things felt like it was spiralling out of control was a breathe of fresh air! You took the time allow me to sit with the difficulty being faced and step by step help me stand up and handle it with a clearer mind and positive mindset.  I still bare these tips in mind when I have difficult days and try to remember to chanel a more positive mindset in both my actions and words.  There is just something refreshing, calming & positive about the way you communicate and everything seemed to just make a little bit more sense.  You truly have a gift and I hope that you continue to glow and spread your light.

Tish Says:

Bandbox (Kim)

The services provided thus far has been above and beyond.  You took my brand and turned it into the vision I had for the last few years.  It was a struggle for me and I lost confidence in my dream.  But your mentorship, advice, patience and professional support was what really helped me.  I am so grateful to have you apart of my team.  

Yay! You made it back to me!

Go ahead and click here to learn more about me and contact me directly. I can’t wait to work with you, so we can take tons of pics!


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