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Image by David Pisnoy

Are you struggling to enjoy the life that you've worked so hard to build?

Are you ready to:

  • rediscover yourself beyond your empire?

  • identify & release fear-driven behaviour?

  • get off the hamster wheel and celebrate those special occasions? 

  • learn the rhythm of your seasons so that you can experience your life with more Alignment, Freedom, Confidence and Joy? 



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I'm Kim from Bandbox and, among other things, I'm a Creative Entrepreneur with a knack for helping other Business Owners to Create Space in their lives for themselves!

I'm not here to fix your life, I'm here to empower you to live your life fully and unapologetically.

You see, through my own self discovery, I've learntthat transformation is relative and some challenges resurface in different ways that make you unable to see a way out.

I can offer you a healthy change in perspective, so let's talk.

Still need more info? No prob at all, I'm a HUGE advocate for informed decisions.

As with most unexpected adventures, this all started with my journey to fix something in my own life.


I learned a ton about myself as a creative entrepreneur and I am extremely passionate  about using my experience to help others. If you've ever started a business (in any industry) you know that it can bring up your fears, insecurities, flaws, guilt, loneliness and all the other things we hide behind our success. I know I'm making it all sound very sexy (lol) but hear me out.

Starting anything, especially a business is going to require you to evolve in order to thrive in your new environment. Adding being Creative to the mix means that your job depends on your ability to consistently pour yourself into your work (and we know what happens when you keep pouring out without replenishing) 

#livecolourfully was this thing that I said to remind myself to engage both sides of my brain; take care of the logistics but don't forget to have fun. Over time as I explored my own personal development it evolved into a philosophy that I use to remind myself that my life is more that just one thing and I am more than my business card.

At the core of this Philosophy we focus on self identity because knowing ourselves creates the foundation to build our lives on, a life we truly love to live.


I started experimenting with different Creative Outlets, those things that I did just for me, I didn't share them on socials, they weren't always photo worthy and sometimes served no purpose beyond filling that moment; but one thing remained consistent, I felt amazingly connected with myself, my truth and my joy. 

There's alot of science behind all these Creative Activities (that I didn't know at the time) but what I did learn in my own experience is that this deep connection with yourself leads to authentic living, easy decision making, meaningful relationships and less stress. 

The best part is that it is for you! Not for the 'gram, your target audience, your partner, your children or anyone else! Don't get me wrong they do benefit, but this time the focus is on you.

 Are you ready to Create the life you love to live?

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