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Are You Tired of Swimming Against the Tide?

Permission to Play is a journey of Unbecoming! Through 12 weeks of somatic exploration and energetic alignment, I help you refine your flavour by releasing the ways that you were taught to be so you can fully and apologetically embody who you were born to be.


For 90 minutes a week, over the next 12 weeks, we will explore your Energetic Blueprint through the holistic lens of Human Design and process the learned behaviours/beliefs that are holding you back, disempowering you or you’re simply ready to release and need some guidance.


If you’re new to Human Design, it is a system that can help you understand your Creative Flow, decision-making processes and how you interact with others energetically.


This is a tool that provides a language for how we experience the energies within us and around us.

It can give you insight into what feels aligned or not and gives language to what we experience, how we move around and feel.

One thing you need to get started on this journey is a spirit of curiosity and play because the goal isn’t to “understand all the words” but to embody BEing. 


The deeper we go into our “designs”, the more we see that life is about releasing control. You cannot study to be yourself, after all, you can only BE yourself. In this sense Human Design is more about understanding who you are NOT so you can clarify and gain a deeper understanding of who you are. 


Your mind may not understand it all but it isn’t meant to, because the mind does not know Truth, only perception. Truth lies in the body which is why awareness of body wisdom is so important on this journey. This is where somatic practices will support this transformation because learning to trust yourself is an invaluable part of BEing.


Through this journey, it is important to remember that:

  • You can’t “become” who you already are, you can only remove what you are not.

  • Who you are is constantly evolving and that’s okay.

  • You’re multidimensional and cannot be defined, contained or limited by any system or tool. 


So as you move into this journey, I encourage you to check in with yourself through your personal spiritual practice frequently along the way and remember to have patience and compassion with yourself and others so you can allow yourself to expand, to explore and to PLAY!

All that being said, I just have one question:

 Are you ready to Create the life you love to live?

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