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Speak Love this February with Bandbox!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

February has been officially designated the month of Self-Love here at Bandbox!

This means that we are going to be exploring what self-love is, how you can apply it in your own ways as well as how to make it a more permanent part of everyday living.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Kim, I don’t have time to add anything else to my plate”. I know, I know, life is busy enough. But like I always say, “We make time for the things (and people) that are important to us”. And, in my not so humble opinion, you should rank really high on that “important things/people” list.

So… make the time! Just hear me out. I promise there is always a way to fit it in and it doesn’t always look as elaborate or complicated as you might think.

Also, I tried my utmost to be super mindful of those of us who can’t sit still, so we need to justify taking those moments to ourselves. Now let’s leave the guilt at the door (or the garbage lol) and make this happen.

This month we are going to explore the 5 Love Languages. These were initially developed by Gary Chapman to help nurture your love relationships with your romantic partner and even your children. I get what Gary is trying to do here, but I’d like to argue that it is even more important to understand how to love yourself so that you are better able to receive love. I know so many people who struggle with receiving, not just love, but receiving, in general, is so taboo for them that it creates one-sided relationships in their lives and keep them feeling unfulfilled (but that is for another post).

My point is that learning and understanding how you receive love will teach you a ton about yourself and avoid you having to grab at everything that feels like a good idea to fill the void that only true self-love can.

It is important to keep in mind though, that (in my experience anyway) it is totally possible to enjoy more than one self-love language. The key is to ensure that you genuinely feel good when engaging in whatever activity speaks to you.

Speaking of activities… I’m excited to announce that we will be having a 5-day Self-Love Challenge called “Speak Love”. (yyayyy)

With this challenge, we will explore some positive ways to nurture your Self-Love Language and actively engage in some self-love practices for those 5 Days. The great news (I know, there’s more!) is that you are free to revisit this challenge and experiment with any and all of the activities whenever you like. The love languages will serve as a guide, when you know your language, you can check out what your challenge for that day is and put it to good use.

If you’re anything like me, you may want to dabble in whatever you feel called to do on any of the given days and that is totally okay as well, do you! That’s the beauty of it.

You can sign up for the 5 Day Speak Love challenge right here.

The challenge starts on February 9th and includes a live, pre-V-Day session on Instagram. I’m super excited to take this challenge with you and share our progress.

See you there and until then, Live Colourfully!!


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